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Where Bianca’s growth means BiaCrew’s growth. This inner circle gets special event access, interactions, and true BTS insight from the racer itself.

Be Part Of BiaCrew
Rewards and Benefits

Be part of history as you journey with Bianca. Watch her defy all odds, in her quest to reach the top of the motorsport world.

Support Bianca’s Dreams
Support Bianca’s Dreams
Support Bianca’s Dreams
Support Bianca’s Dreams

Purchasing a unique membership token will directly fund her career and pursuit of an F1 Championship win

Purchasing a unique membership token will directly fund her career and pursuit of an F1 Championship win

Purchasing a unique membership token will directly fund her career and pursuit of an F1 Championship win

Unique rewards and airdrops from her on-track successes. Directly benefit as she grows in popularity and moves up the racing ladder.

Watch Bianca’s Rise

Strap in and take a ride on The Dark Horse - a groundbreaking NFT Access Pass supporting the rapid rise of Filipino race driver, Bianca Bustamante


By joining the drop, instantly gain access to the BiaCrew community, exclusive benefits/rewards, rare BTS content, and a role in supporting women in motorsport.


Bianca Bustamante is a multiple Asian karting champion and a rising motorsport star. She continues her rapid rise, having secured a seat at the USF Juniors championship as well as a two-year drive at W Series in their Academy team - her biggest achievement to date with more to come.

2378 or 3000 spaces filled


The Dark Horse

Dark Horse ( /ˌdɑːrk ˈhɔːrs/ ): a person who is not expected to succeed in, or unexpectedly wins a race or competition.

Bianca is the embodiment of The Dark Horse: an athlete underestimated, possessing surprising speed, strength, ambition, and commitment like no other.

In total, 2,000 NFTs will be available for minting; the first 200 who join the whitelist can buy NFT access passes on minting day - with special pricing. Furthermore, 50 additional NFTs will be especially allocated to Bustamante’s fans based in the Philippines, which will also receive special pricing.

The Dark Horse NFT sale will support Bianca on what she needs to keep on racing:

  • 75% goes towards things such as Bianca’s coaching, fitness training, track time practice, additional races and other daily living necessities;

  • 20% will go to service costs from The Dark Horse team;

  • 5% will go back to the community in the form of rewards, gifts, and to support charitable causes selected by Bianca and BiaCrew.

Along with the support for Bianca, other benefits include:

  • Complimentary BiaCrew Merch Pack With 2x Mint;

  • Regular BTS Content with Bianca (Training & Traveling, AMA’s, Insights);

  • Community Interaction with Bianca;

  • Priority in future drops along with surprise airdrops;

  • Prize Pool to Community;

  • And more to be announced!

With her inaugural race debut fast approaching at the end of May 2022…join the Whitelist now and register your email we'll let you know when The Dark Horse mint opens!

The Dark Horse NFT Access Pass

NFT Drop Timeline

Knowledge Centre


Bianca Bustamante


17 year old rising star from the Philippines, racing with heart & determination to chase her Formula 1 dream.

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Darryl O’Young


Manager & mentor of Bianca, multiple championship-winning race driver with 30+ years of experience across all facets of motorsport. 

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Adrian Fu

Creative Director

20+ years of experience in brand marketing and PR, worked at wireless giant Qualcomm and NFT platform Refinable.

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Ben Reid

Chief Product Officer

Serial entrepreneur, Web 3.0 enthusiast and Product Leader committed to democratising sporting success.

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Poppy Rouse


Experienced impact marketer passionate about sharing stories and building partnerships that leave the world in a better place.

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Mix and Mingle with Bianca and other true fans just like you.


Q2 2022


Exclusive Airdrop to NFT holders - you don’t want to miss this one :)

Q4 2022


Yes everyone says the Metaverse! But our version will be social and fun as hell. Stay tuned.

Q4 2022


Back yourself to race against Bianca and other fans online? This one’s for you.

Q4 2022

Who doesn’t love merch?! Those who mint 2X NFTs will receive their complementary Bianca Merch Pack


Q3 2022

Want to see what life is like racing motorsports? Exclusive content and insider access. 


Q3 2022

Watch and win! Compete to win prizes on Bianca’s races in the W Series


Q3 2022


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